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Neue Seite 4

Wudang is part of the world heritage since 1994 and each year more and more tourists are coming to visit the fascinating old temples in wudang.a road was built up the mountain and many temples have been renovated.BUT we are here to show you a different view to wudang. We want to forget about the renovated temples and concrete road, what WE will show you are lost forgotten temples, ancient pilgrimage roads and more.this is a (as far as i know) complete map of all the wudang temples, the ones which lay on the tourists main roads, as well as the forgotten ruins somewhere in the jungle.right now, tourists andmost normal people can only visit the left part of wudang.all the way near the river on the right side is not included in the tourist area (yet), although the five dragon temple is about to be rebuilt.Following the path marked in grey is the old ancient pilgrimage way. as we can see it splits up in carefree valley. In neon green are the lost one of my videos we can see that part of the lost pilgrimage way between carefree valley and purple heaven palace. Please go to my Video section to see more of the lost Temples: Old Pilgrimage Way, The old Gates, God of Wealth Temple, GuanDi Temple, HuiXin Temple

GuanDi Temple

Ruins near HuiXian Bridge

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