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LaoYing AreaTang LiLongXuanWu

LaoYingYuan XiuGangSanFeng

Prince SlopeZhang JiaLiSongXi Paino website

8 Immortal TempleYuan LiMinXuanWu

Purple Heaven PalaceGuan YongXingSanFeng

NanYanZheng ShiJieSanFeng

Jin Ding / The Golden Top


NanYanGu ShiNingSanFeng

(?) TempleChen ShiXingSanFeng

LaoYingZhong YunLongSanFeng

Returning Dragon TempleChen ShiYuSanFeng

5 Dragon TempleZhong XueChaoSanFeng

Zhong GuanSi JunTaoXuanwu/ JiuGongChunYang

5 Immortal Temple (White Horse Mountain)Du ZongChangChunYang


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Needle Grinding WellZhou JinBoSanFeng

LaoYingQing FengziXuanWu

Wudang is changing very fasy, i try to keep this site updated, last update was:December 2nd 2013, GM ShiFeis Website www.wudangwushu.netNovember 22nd 2013, Master Chen ShiXing moved to outside Laoying, Master Tang LiLong moved outside Laoying, and Tsui HoSun opened a school in DowntownSeptember 19th 2013, new: Master Ming Yue in nanYanApril 12th, 2013, new: Master Zhang Zhong Cheng opened a school in the village near purple heaven palace

LaoJun CaveXu WeiHanXuanWu

Purple Heaven PalaceZhong XueYongSanFeng

Chen LiShengXuanWu Paiemail:

LaoYingXiao PinHeSanFeng

YuanHe TempleWu WeiZiLongMen

Purple Heaven PalaceZhang ZhongChengXuanWu PaiNo Website

Qiong Tai / Jade Terrace

NanYan / South Cliff

Zi Xiao Gong / Purple Heaven Palace

Wu Long Gong / 5 Dragon Temple

Ba Xian Guan / 8 Immortals Temple

Mo Zhen Jing / Needle Grinding Well

Hui Long Guan / Returning Dragon Temple

Tai Zi Po / Prince Slope

Lao Ying / Wudang Town

LaoYingLi SiMingDaoist Cultivation and

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White Horse Mountain

NanYanMing YueXuanWu

LaoYingTsui HoSunSongXi/


LaoYingZhe HuWeiSanFeng

Since Wudang is becoming more and more famous, a lot of martial art school are beeing built up. i find it diffivult for people to get an easy overview over the schools available in wudang, so i made this school map. Remember to make sure to get to the pai (lineage) you want to get, there are many pai in wudang like: SongXi, San Feng, Xuan Wu, Longmen, ChunYang

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