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NanGouTang LiLongXuanWu

LaoYingYuan XiuGangSanFeng

Prince SlopeZhang JiaLiSongXi Paino website

ShiYanYuan LiMinXuanWu

Purple Heaven PalaceGuan YongXingSanFeng

NanYanZheng ShiJieSanFeng

Jin Ding / The Golden Top


NanYanGu ShiNingSanFeng

(?) TempleChen ShiXingSanFeng

Zhong YunLongSanFeng

Returning Dragon TempleChen ShiYuSanFeng

5 Dragon TempleZhong XueChaoSanFeng

Zhong GuanSi JunTaoXuanwu/ JiuGongChunYang

5 Immortal Temple (White Horse Mountain)Du ZongChangChunYang


Needle Grinding WellZhou JinBoSanFeng

LaoYingQing FengziXuanWu

Wudang is changing very fasy, i try to keep this site updated, last update was:June 2017,Location update of schools December 2nd 2013, GM ShiFeis Website www.wudangwushu.netNovember 22nd 2013, Master Chen ShiXing moved to outside Laoying, Master Tang LiLong moved outside Laoying, and Tsui HoSun opened a school in DowntownSeptember 19th 2013, new: Master Ming Yue in nanYanApril 12th, 2013, new: Master Zhang Zhong Cheng opened a school in the village near purple heaven palace

LaoYingXu WeiHanXuanWu

Purple Heaven PalaceZhong XueYongSanFeng

Zhong GuanChen LiShengXuanWu Paiemail:

LaoYingXiao PinHeSanFeng

YuanHe TempleWu WeiZiLongMen

Purple Heaven PalaceZhang ZhongChengXuanWu PaiNo Website

Qiong Tai / Jade Terrace

NanYan / South Cliff

Zi Xiao Gong / Purple Heaven Palace

Wu Long Gong / 5 Dragon Temple

Ba Xian Guan / 8 Immortals Temple

Mo Zhen Jing / Needle Grinding Well

Hui Long Guan / Returning Dragon Temple

Tai Zi Po / Prince Slope

Lao Ying / Wudang Town

LaoYingLi SiMingDaoist Cultivation and

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White Horse Mountain

NanYanMing YueXuanWu


LaoYingZhe HuWeiSanFeng

Since Wudang is becoming more and more famous, a lot of martial art school are built up. it is difficult to get an overview of the schools in wudang, so i made this school map during the time i was living there 2010 - 2015. Remember to make sure to get to the pai (lineage) you want to get, there are many pai in wudang like: SongXi, San Feng, Xuan Wu, Longmen, ChunYang

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